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Just “doing life” places many demands on our time and energy. These days we are practically required to spend a great time learning how to use technology for work as well as for recreation. We pour time, energy and money into improving our job skills in order to keep ourselves fresh and marketable. We put countless miles on our vehicles chasing from event to event in order to keep our family members “plugged in” to a sometimes overwhelming activity calendar…..All of that means we are left with precious little time to just “BE” and to explore what that really means in God’s eyes.

As such, at New Hope we place a high priority in providing opportunities for spiritual exploration and growth and simple times of Christian fellowship. We invite everyone to join one of our many small group opportunities. Some of our small groups are in form of “old school” Bible Study classes…Other small groups meet with the primary objective of having an opportunity to simply hang out with Christian friends.

Take a look at what we currently have to offer, and see if there is something which might fill a need or desire in your heart.

For more information on any of these groups, feel free to contact our Church Office: 636-464-5600.

Sunday Discipleship Hour

Every Sunday morning we meet as a Church to learn at least one new thing about Jesus. We offer a ‘menu’ of different small groups to choose from – for all ages. The menu changes every few weeks, so there is always a good time to jump in. 

Disciple Series Bible Study

Each year we form long-term in-depth formal Bible Study small groups using the Abingdon Press “Disciple” series. These classes meet on a weekly basis throughout the school year, usually on a weekday evening.

Home Groups

We have multiple active “in-home” small groups that meet based upon geographic proximity to the church itself. These groups meet on a monthly basis for fellowship, prayer and study. Our current home groups are open to new participants at any time.

Short-term Studies

Throughout the year (particularly during the Summer) we offer a variety of short-term small groups for the purpose of engaging in some aspect of the Christian Life. We tend to use materials that combine a variety of media (Video; Reading; Discussion) to engage all types of learning styles.

Iron Men

A group of early rising / prayer warrior men meet each Monday morning at 5:30am at the Church to lift each other up in prayer, as well as giving prayer support to the Church and our surrounding community.

Music Teams

Both our Traditional Choir and our Contemporary Praise Band consider themselves to be ‘small groups’ from the standpoint that they share in times of prayer and fellowship in addition to preparing for the coming week’s music.

United Methodist Men/Women

Our United Methodist Men and United Methodist Women’s groups meet on a monthly basis for prayer and fellowship as well as to discern what service ministry God might be guiding them toward next. Much of our hands-on community ministry is organized and implemented from within these groups.

Fellowship Opportunities

Many times, the best way to connect with each other is to simply hang out with each other for the express purpose of having fun. With that in mind, we share in several forms of fellowship throughout the year, including some ‘anchor’ events that everyone anticipates, such as: Thanksgiving Dinner, Easter Brunch, and of course, Trivia Night.


The Children and Youth of our community aren’t just the future of the Church, they are the NOW of the Church. As such, we are careful to offer numerous opportunities for our Children and Youth to form spiritual small groups of their own. See our CHILDREN and YOUTH pages for further information on how they can “Connect”.