Our Goals

The MISSION of New Hope Arnold (What we believe God is asking us to accomplish) is to “Make Disciples; Change the World

Our VISION (The way we believe God is leading us to accomplish the Mission) is to “Strengthen Discipleship Internally and Share the Love of Christ Externally“.

Our CORE VALUES (The way we know we are “on the right track” with respect to our God-given Mission and Vision) includes embracing and developing the “Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations”; five tried and true spiritual practices which are consistently found to be present in churches that are growing and thriving:

Through Passionate Worship we say “thank you” to our Lord and Savior and seek encounter with the power of the Holy Spirit as a means of equipping us for our Mission.

Through Intentional Faith Development we seek to grow in our knowledge and love of God such that we might see with God’s eyes and hear with God’s ears and reach out with God’s hands and feet.

Through Radical Hospitality we foster an environment which helps our guests encounter the love of Christ such that they feel welcome and safe and comfortable in the midst of this worship community.

Through Risk-Taking Mission and Service we show the love of Christ to the community and the world that surrounds us such that those who have deep physical, practical and spiritual needs might know that there is a God who loves them and values them.

Through Extravagant Generosity we demonstrate our trust in God and our willingness to be God’s Mission Partners by the extravagantly generous use of our time and our talents and our resources for the sake of God’s Kingdom Mission.