You don’t have to be around New Hope long to see and/or hear one of our favorite slogans: “Introduce People to the God of Love by showing them the Love of God”. If you are yearning for a place to plug in and share the gifts and talents that God has given you, then we invite you to continue reading this section of ministry teams that we have formed ‘in-Church’ as well as ministry partnerships that we have entered with several community agencies.

Feel free to contact Pastor Michelle if you feel God’s tug on your sleeve to get involved in one of the following community ministry teams.

If you find yourself in need of help with practical resources, we invite you to jump to our “Get Help” page

 Clothing Pantry      newcomers_med

New Hope hosts a clothing ministry that serves the children of the Fox C-6 School District. This team offers the opportunity to serve either right here at church (organizing our clothing inventory) or at home (doing laundry for new donations) or by being part of the team that delivers clothing to a specific school as needed.

 Monthly Collections

Each month we choose one of our local, regional or international ministry partners and collect items to be sent for the purpose of furthering their missional purpose.

 All-Church Service Days

At least once per year we organize an all-church service day for the benefit of folks in our community that need a helping hand. If you have a particular skill or trade, most specifically in home repair, construction, equipment maintenance, landscaping, etc., this might be the perfect place for you to jump in.

 Coupon Team

One of our ministry teams gathers on a weekly basis to clip coupons (and of course share in some fellowship). The coupons are sent to overseas military personnel to help them manage their expenses.

 Recycling Team

Essentially, we are all part of the recycling team. In order to honor our stewardship role for God’s Creation, we have recycling bins posted both inside and outside of our main building. We would be happy to share more detail if you wish to know the types of materials that we collect.

In accordance with Acts 1:8, we are committed being involved at all times in at least one Local, Regional and International ministry. Here is an overview of our current ministry commitments.


Arnold Food Pantry

The Food Pantry is on our regular ‘rotation’ of monthly collection efforts, but we also encourage people to get directly involved as volunteers at the Pantry itself. We also donate the proceeds from some of our “fundraiser” events to the Pantry.

 Jefferson County Department of Family Services

We have an ongoing relationship with JCDFS (along with a handful of other local churches) so that we can maintain an awareness of the greatest needs amongst the children and youth of Jefferson County. On occasion we might put out a ‘call to action’ for a family that needs something donated to them. We have also gained relationships with some families served by JCDFS as part of our all-church community service days.

 Fox C-6 School District

We also have an ongoing representative with a key contact within the Fox School District to maintain an awareness of needs for the students within the District. We currently have a clothing ministry up and running within the church with the children of the Fox School District as the primary beneficiaries.

 Brendan’s Back-Pack Program 

It’s astounding how many of our local families are living below or near the poverty line. It is not unusual for children to go the entire weekend without food. As such, we participate in a local ministry which gives children in need a back-back full of food and basic personal care items to take home with them from school for the weekend.



Epworth Children & Family Services

Epworth is a residential facility where children who do not have the luxury of a sustainable traditional home environment are welcomed in and taught the life skills needed to provide a stable, loving environment for themselves and their own families in the future. This is another place where we push ourselves to go being mere ‘fundraisers’ in order to get involved personally as volunteers within their various ministries.

 Shalom House

Shalom House is a local organization located in the city of St. Louis which gives hope to homeless women through innovative programs and supportive services designed to stabilize and rebuild lives. As with many of our other ministry partners, we provide practical financial help from time to time as well along with offering our personal time and energy to help them do their good work.


Kingdom House

Kingdom House, located in the city of St. Louis, believes in transformation…from the inside out. Through a variety of services, childcare, food & clothing assistance, youth and teen programs, and Senior Companions, Kingdom House helps thousands yearly to achieve self-sufficiency and gain economic independence. And we love to help them accomplish that mission.



Generation Next

Generation Next started as the personal initiative of an incredible teen-age girl who has a family link directly to New Hope. Riley Bank’s primary focus is on improving the current life situation and future prospects of disadvantaged children in Kenya. Our part in the mission is to help her in any way possible; including the possibility of sending a group of our church members to Kenya during one of her mission trips in the near future.